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Classroom Management Strategies THAT WORK will give you positive, practical, and highly effective classroom management solutions for disruptive student behavior.

8 Contact Hours - Graduate Credit Available

Classroom Strategies THAT WORK! is NOT another program to implement. Instead, experienced classroom teacher Katrina Ayres will share proven secrets to avoid power struggles, create a supportive classroom environment, and develop positive relationships with students.

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How to Correct (Instead of Punish) Misbehavior

• Discover which misbehavior to correct, and which to leave alone
• Learn the most effective way to give directions to students
• Learn how to eliminate warnings and repeated requests
• How to teach students to correct their own behavior
• How to reduce your discipline paperwork to almost nothing

How to Establish Routines

• Learn why the traditional approach to classroom rules doesn’t work, and what to do instead
• Determine how to effectively deal with students who don’t come to school ready to learn
• Discover the secret to keep students from constantly testing your limits
• Create effective classroom routines to minimize interruptions and increase instructional time

How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment

• Discover the one characteristic you MUST have when interacting with students (or it’s all over)
• Learn how to connect with every student, even in today’s overcrowded situations
• Discover the most important things to consider when setting up your classroom for optimal learning
• Determine whether a traditional or non-traditional room arrangement is right for you and your students
• Increase student participation and decrease discipline problems
... and MORE!

"The school secretary noticed the difference as my class walked down the halls. Even my most extreme behavioral children are more manageable!" - Tracy M, Elementary Teacher, TWO DAYS after attending the seminar

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Why Discipline Referrals Don't Work and What To Do Instead - Breakout Session at the NW PBIS Annual Conference

Feb 21-23, 2018

Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center
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Students learn nothing in the office, and discipline exclusions can actually make student misbehavior worse. Yet some teachers continue to refer students to the office for low-level behavior issues like “disrespect” and “defiance.”

This session will show participants 5 key classroom management strategies that can be implemented immediately - at no cost - that will decrease office referrals, correct disruptive student behavior, and improve student-teacher relationships. The strategies include:

- Practical ways to build rapport and trust with students
- How to create a supportive physical environment
- How to teach behavior expectations and routines instead of waiting for students to misbehave and then punishing them
- Managing your own emotions so you can avoid power struggles and escalation
- How to be consistent and fair with all students

Each participant will receive a reference guide packed with effective classroom management strategies that work. Teachers will be able to use the resource guide to implement the strategies in their own classrooms. Administrators and instructional coaches will be able to use the resource guide to train their staff.

Taming the Chaos Self-Paced On-Line Video Course

From the Comfort of Your Own Computer or Phone
Course Info

Have you ever wondered why some teachers seem to earn the respect of their students while others struggle? Have you noticed the same students who are out of control in one classroom are calm and well-behaved in another? How do those teachers do it? Is it their personality? Luck? Magic?

Any experienced teacher will tell you the key to well-behaved students is effective classroom routines. Yet many struggling teachers don't know how to create and teach an effective classroom routine so their students will actually DO it.

This practical, hands-on course will break it all down for you in under 25 minutes. You will learn how to gain control of your class and tame the chaos quickly without yelling, punishing, or bribing.

20 minutes of instruction. Certificate of Completion included.

On-Line Course: The Substitute Teacher's Troubleshooting Guide

From the Convenience of Your Computer or Phone
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No matter how good a substitute teacher you are, things will sometimes go wrong.

This course explores 14 common problem scenarios and provides practical suggestions for dealing with them.

40 minutes total instructional time. Certificate of Completion included.

Online Course: Making Money as an In-Demand Substitute Teacher

From the Comfort of Your Computer or Phone
Get Course Information Here

Have you ever wondered why some substitute teachers are always busy while others wait by the phone? Substitute teaching can bring in a good income - if you know how to keep the phone ringing with good teaching assignments.

Discover the characteristics and skills you will need to be an in-demand, highly requested substitute teacher, how to get repeat business, how to navigate school district bureaucracy, and more.

1.5 total hours of instruction. Certificate of Completion included.

Online Course: A Day In the Life of a Substitute Teacher

From the Comfort of Your Computer or Phone
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When it comes to substitute teaching, what you don't know can get you fired. Or even worse, you suddenly stop getting substitute teaching assignments, and NO ONE TELLS YOU WHY.

This course takes you step-by-step through a substitute teacher's day, from accepting the job to checking out at the end of the day, so you can successfully navigate potential landmines and be ready for anything.


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