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How to Work With Parents

I don’t know any teacher who doesn’t have a parent story or two. There are stories about intimidation, public criticism, lack of involvement, too much involvement, and more. It seems parents can “misbehave” in just about as many ways as their kids. Kind of makes you wonder… could classroom management principles be applied to parents? Let’s take three powerful classroom management principles, and see how they might work with parent interactions.

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Teach Them to Remember

If we expect our students to remember what to do, we also need to teach them how and when to remember it. In other words, we need to teach them the trigger. We can’t expect students to do a routine without being reminded unless they know when to start.

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Consistency or Flexibility?

Our students need to be able to count on us, and consistency is a crucial way to build trust. So how can we balance the need for flexibility with the need for consistency? In other words, when is it okay to change your mind, and when do you need to stand your ground?

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You Can Be a Struggler Without Being a Failure

Even after a few successful years of teaching we can still struggle at times. In those moments it’s easy to blame ourselves, the students, the administration, the families, and/or society in general. It’s tempting to give in to feelings of helplessness and anger. What if we could re-frame our struggles into something beneficial and powerful instead?

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Improve Student Behavior With Your "Magic Clipboard"

Clipboards are an essential classroom management tool! You can use them to separate students who are having difficulty working together. They can be an intervention for students who have trouble sitting still. You can use them as a reward or incentive. Clipboards can also give students a legitimate choice - do the work now, or work on the clipboard at recess.

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